About Us

United Alpha Tourism Co .Ltd
25 years in the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Industry Service

A Saudi Arabian limited liability company, based in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


To achieve the highest quality in accommodation services, with tourism and service products congenial to the consumer’s economic potentials.


To be a national company with global features to improve the tourism and service product


To cover most Saudi Arabian and Gulf cities during the coming ten years – by the grace of Allaah – with hotels, resorts, sophisticated elegant hotel suites managed by national personnel.


Acquire ownership, invest, manage and operate hotels, resorts, recreation centers, catering & tourism services, tourism transportation, establish & organize temporary and permanent exhibitions and events, real estate services, training, import, affiliate marketing, Publicity & Media.


  • Avail Hotels and Resorts (hotel management & operation)
  • Avail Grand Hotel, 4 Stars, 58 Suites (Jeddah)
  • Avail villas and suites, first class, 46 villas and Suites (Jeddah)
  • Al Sodah tourist village, first class 30 unit , Abha – El Sodah
  • Jovial Exhibitions, Conferences & Events (Jeddah)
  • Projects under study (Makkah – Madinah – Asir – Khubar) Hotels / Resorts / institutes

Gains of the 10 Years between  (2007 – 2017)

  • The Company’s branch in the tourism sector won the best local hotel award (Avail Grand Hotel and Suites ) from the Tourism Excellence Awards 2010.
  • The Company was nominated for the best cost-effective company in the events for the Middle East events awards.
  • The Company won as one of the 100 fastest growing company within the Kingdom in 2011 from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority.
  • The Company won the Saudi Tourism Excellence Award 2011 for the best tourist attraction in the Kingdom (Antique Cars Carnival)
  • Serving more than 300 thousand guests in the hospitality sector.
  • Serving more than 200 thousand customers in the luxury transportation.
  • Satisfaction from the service of the tourism and hospitality sector in the Kingdom and the Gulf for 25 years (voluntary initiatives free of charge)
  • A source of our happiness is providing special services for the people with special needs, the blind and the orphans throughout the year.
  • We are eager to sponsor social events and support the Quran memorization centers, the neighborhood programs and the cultural competitions.

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